no dates.Gillespie Prairie Cemetery..
TateEffie20 Mar 187809 Jul 1879Campbell CemeteryBlair Twpd/o E& A
TateJames R.01 Oct 186416 Jan 1879Campbell CemeteryBlair Twps/o E& A
TateRobert13 Mar 187018 Jan 1879Campbell CemeteryBlair Twps/o E& A
Tatum1Calloway C.10 Jun 184713 Jul 1???Mill Creek CemeteryWinehill
TatumEmily23 Nov 182321 Mar 1894Mill Creek CemeteryWinehillAged 70 yrs, 3 mos, 28 ds.
TatumFranklin C.20 Jun 1854Mill Creek CemeteryWinehill
TatumSeth R.17 Feb 1861Mill Creek CemeteryWinehill
TatumThomas M.03 Feb 184921 Jul 1852Mill Creek CemeteryWinehill
TatumW. B...Mill Creek CemeteryWinehillNo Dates, Co. F, 154 Ill. Inf.
TatumWilliam J.04 Nov 185816 May 1861Mill Creek CemeteryWinehill
TaylorD. Dale16-Dec-0827-Jun-85Evansville City CemeteryEvansville.
TaylorEvelyn5-Feb-1725-Mar-26Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Islandhandmade stone
TaylorForrest2-Oct-2130-Jun-39Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Island.
TaylorJohn K..20 Nov 1831Old Bethel CemeterySparta54y 2m 3d
TaylorJohn M..28 Jul 1838Old Bethel CemeterySpartason of J.K. & S. 6y 4m 15d
TaylorNora K.31 Jul 189022-Feb-47Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Island.
TaylorSamuel W..12 Aug 1836Old Bethel CemeterySparta
TaylorVada L.9-Jul-2711-Jul-27Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Islandhandmade stone
TaylorWilliam Lloyd2-Sep-0730-Aug-56Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Island.
TaylorWilliam T.16 Feb 188331 Nov 1943Immaculate ConceptionKaskaskia Island.
iTempleAllitos O.19-Dec-0219-Dec-02Lessley CemeteryHouston.
iiTempleJohn18 Sep 181618 Apr 1883Caledonia CemeterySparta.
iiiTempleMary24 Jan 18264-May-06Caledonia CemeterySparta.
ivTempleMaryca189210-Dec-05Houston Cemetery..
vTempleMertle A.16 Sep 189104 Mar 1893Lessley CemeteryHouston.
Temple1893.Fairview Baptist Cemeterydeath date illegible
viTempleRebeccaca180820 Oct 1872Union CemeterySparta.
viiTempleRobert30 Jun 180618 Nov 1885Union CemeterySparta.
TempleSarah15 Feb 178703 Sept 1872Old Bethel CemeterySpartawife of Wm. 85y 6m 8d
TempleWilliam10 Sept 1785.Old Bethel CemeterySparta.
viiiTempleWilliam G.June 18289-Oct-05Houston Cemetery..
Th---David S..27 May 1874Hull CemeteryBrewersville Twp28y 7m 12d
ThiesArthur H.18971973Lebanon (Lively) Cem.West of Sparta.
ThomasJohn176604 Aug 1847Bowerman CemeterySteeleville81y 5m
ThomasJohn W.176826 Apr 1879Bowerman CemeterySteeleville70y 10m 1d
ThomasMary A..30 Jan 1874Bowerman CemeterySteeleville49y 9m 18d w/o John W.
ThomasSusannah176509 Sept 1855Bowerman CemeterySteeleville90y 6m
ThompsonCynthia01 Apr 1824May 1881Gillespie Prairie Cemetery.w/o James
ThompsonJames C.07 Jul 182021 May 1899Gillespie Prairie Cemetery..
ThompsonLucinda.18 Apr 1876Old Bethel CemeterySparta51 yrs
ThompsonM/Mno dates.Hill Prairie CemeterySpartainfant
Thompson05 Mar 18569-Sep-00Hill Prairie CemeterySpartaw/o S. A.
ThompsonS. A.14 Jan 184612-Apr-05Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
ThompsonWill J.25 Nov 187421-Jul-05Hill Prairie CemeterySpartas/o SA & Mitilda
TietjeDorothes M.06 ??? 185223 Aug 1863St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1..
TietjeFriederich18 May 185001 Mar 1864St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1..
TietjeFriederich18 May 185001 Mar 1864St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1..
TietjeFriederich T..14 Nov 1866St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1.64y 3d
TindallAmanda H.16 Mar 183510-Sep-17Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpw/o John D.
TindallBelle V.18691931Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpw/o James H.
TindallCarie19 Aug 189314 Jun 1894Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpd/o LM & Chlo
TindallCharles L.18651928Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallCharles L..19 Jan 1894Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp7y 5m 1d
TindallClara G.11 Jan 188602 Sept 1891Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpd/o JH & Eliza
TindallDailey M.18561933Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpw/o Isaac M.
TindallDailey Mae10-Jul-2729-Jun-83Mt. Summit CemeteryT7 R5.
Tindall15 Jul 185515 Mar 1857Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpd/o John D. & Amanda
TindallDillery.31 Dec 1849RobinsonRockwood Twp49y
TindallEliza J..01 Aug 1889Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp22y 4m 5d w/o JH
TindallEugene A..26 Feb 1892Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp8m 7d s/o IM & EC
TindallGeorge E.18 Jun 189427 May 1817Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twps/o JH & Belle
TindallIsaac.RobinsonRockwood Twp48y 11m
TindallIsaac M.18571932Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallIsaac N.17 Mar 188910-Jun-22Pleasant Ridge Cemetery..
Tindall26 Sept 189215 Feb 1899Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twps/o IM & DM
TindallJames18331942Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallJames H.18641921Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallJohn D.15 Dec 183221 May 1885Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallJohn D..12 Feb 1885Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp17y7m24d s/o Mariah Moore
TindallJohn I.01 Feb 188417-Nov-41Fulford Cemeterynear Rockwood.
TindallJohn M.04 Oct 186128 May 1881Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallJohn W..01 Feb 1888Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp11m 15d
TindallLydia27 Nov 189310-Jun-22Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.d/o Sidney & Sarah
TindallMary E.12 Jul 189613 May 1897Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpd/o JH & Belle
TindallMary E.27-Aug-1511-Feb-17Fulford Cemeterynear Rockwoodd/o John
TindallOpal12-Aug-0510-Jan-12Fulford Cemeterynear Rockwoodd/o J & R
TindallOpal12-Aug-0510-Jan-12SpringvaleRockwood Twpd/o John & Ruby
Tindall26 Feb 18853-Jan-68Fulford Cemeterynear Rockwoodw/o John I.
TindallRuth21-Mar-031903Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twpd/o JH & Belle
TindallSamuel J..12 Jan 1882Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp3m 22d s/o IM & DM
TindallSarah Lizzie18731958Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twp.
TindallWilbur E.8-Jan-1128-May-62Fulford Cemeterynear RockwoodIL S.Sgt 925 AAA Gun BnCAC WWII
Tindall09 Dec 18881-Sep-01Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twps/o JH & Eliza
TindallWillie H.29 May 189108 Feb 1895Tindall CemeteryRockwood Twps/o IM & DM
TownsendJ. W.18771923Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TownsendJane.29 Mar 1866Hill Prairie CemeterySparta55y w/o David
TownsendJohn.6-Aug-05Hill Prairie CemeterySparta64y 7m 18d
TownsendMary16 May 18456-Nov-27Hill Prairie CemeterySpartaw/o John
TownsendMary.01 May 1872Hill Prairie CemeterySparta33y 11m 15d w/o John
TownsendT. G.18841950Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TredeDorothea.25-Jul-07St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1.82y 2m 26d w/o Heinrich
TredeHeinrich.21 Dec 1880St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery #1..
TresslerDonald W.14-Apr-29.Mt. Summit CemeteryT7 R5.
TresslerMarcella9-Jan-20.Mt. Summit CemeteryT7 R5w/o Donald W.
TruittFilicite.03 Feb 1859Garrison Hill CemeteryFort Kaskaskia St. Pk57y 7m 21d w/o WH
TruittPeter.19 Mar 1858Garrison Hill CemeteryFort Kaskaskia St. Pk5y 6m 12d s/o Filicite
TuckerMary Jane14 Mar 18611-Jan-25Wood CemeteryT7 R6w/o Joseph R.
TudorMary A..18 Feb 1880Barnfield CemeteryRockwoodw/o John
TudorMary C..15 Jun 1880Barnfield CemeteryRockwood3m 26d d/o John & Mary
TweedAmelia J.28 Sept 181913 Feb 1898Hill Prairie CemeterySpartaw/o David
TweedBlanche18611945Hill Prairie CemeterySpartaw/o Dr. James
TweedDavid08 Mar 181717 Aug 1898Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TweedDr. James Renwick18541942Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TweedFloyd P..29 Jan 1889Hill Prairie CemeterySparta1y 2m 25d
TweedHughno dates.Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TweedHugh.19 Feb 1870Hill Prairie CemeterySparta88y b. Antrim, Ireland
TweedJanetno dates.Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
TweedJohn.27 Jun 1890Hill Prairie CemeterySparta76y 6m 2d
TweedM/M.1835Hill Prairie CemeterySpartainfant
TweedMargaret21 Jan 18615-Nov-07Hill Prairie CemeterySpartaw/o William J.
TweedMary.22 Jan 1886Hill Prairie CemeterySparta77y w/o James
TweedNancy.28 Jan 1886Hill Prairie CemeterySparta72y 10m 2d
TweedWilliam J.28 Aug 185728-Apr-15Hill Prairie CemeterySparta.
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