This “census” was enumerated by John C. Crozier in 1830. It appears to be more of a directory of men conducting business then a full census of heads of households, but it provides relevant information as to some of the business men in the community as well as their occupation at the time. I believe this directory references Kaskaskia only.

Allen, AndrewTanner
Allen, SethCooper
Armour, Johnoperated a horsemill.
Beaird, Jamesoperated a horsemill.
Bilderback, Charlesshingle shaving machines
Borders, Andrewsoperated a horsemill.
Bratney, Josephoperated a water saw mill
Brown, A.B.Blacksmith
Brown, AquilaWagonmaker
Burk, J.B.Blacksmith
Chenoux, JulianTinner
Christy, Enosoperated an inclined wheel grist mill, two carding machines and an oil press.
Crawford, Samuelhad a spinning machine.
Crozier, Andrewoperated a steam saw mill.
Danie, MichaelFiddler
Evans, W.T.Blacksmith
Feaman, JacobHatter
Foresee, SolomonShoemaker
Forster, Robertoperated a band mill and steam distillery.
Fulton, HarryCabinet maker and turner
Gordon, Wm.Tanner
Gordon, Wm.Shoemaker
Harman, JacobWagonmaker
Harman, JohnCooper
Harmon, GeorgeCooper
Horrell, ThomasCooper
Hull, SamuelTanner
Jones, Robert C.Blacksmith
Kavanaugh, Pattoperated saddler, cooper, shoemaker and tailor shop
Lain, WileyCabinet maker and turner
Lamb, GeorgeHarness maker
Leland, SilasBlacksmith
Lybarger, Samuelblacksmith
Mann, JohnBlacksmith
Marlain, Wm.C.Cabinet maker and turner
McDill, Wm.Tanner
Miller, Robertshingle shaving machines
Morrison, Williamrunning a copper steam distillery and water grist mill
Nelson, Williamoperated a copper distillery and grist mill.
O'Hara, Jamesoperated water grist mill and copper distillery.
Oliver, DonPriest at Du Rocher
Patterson, JohnCotton gin and press
Pattison, Williamoperated a horsemill.
Pattison, Wm.Cotton gin and press
Peet,Stanley G.Cabinet maker and turner
Penny, MichaelShoemaker
Pope, NathanielRunning a steam saw and grist mill
Resinger, HenryCabinet maker and turner
Reynolds, JohnShoemaker
Rockwell, Justice T.Shoemaker
Seymour, ElishaTanner
Shannon, Robert G.Harness Maker
Shannon, Robert G.Tailor
Simmons, LeviCotton gin and press
Smith, Maurice D.Tanner
St. Vrain, Felixoperated a steam saw mill.
Steele, Davidoperated a copper distillery
Steele, Georgeoperated an inclined wheel grist mill
Stephenson, JohnBlacksmith
Strathan, JamesShoemaker
Tindall, RobertOperated a steam saw mill.
Unger, FerdinandTailor
Wilkeson, JarretBlacksmith
Woodside, DavidBlacksmith
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