Petition of William F. Steele in the matter of the Estate of Susannah McKee Steele deceased, for letters of Conservatorships To the Hon. Warren N. Wilson Judge of the County Court of Randolph County: that Susannah McKee Steele is about 39 years of age–that she was at the March Term of the County Court AD 1893 of said County of Randolph ajudged to be insane and is now insane and confined by order of said Court in the Southern Insane Asylum at Anna in the State of Illinois that she is the wife of the petitioner to who there is born to her and petitioner 4 children all under the age of 10 years now in Custody of the Petitioner that she the said Susannah McKee has personal Estate coming to her from the Estate of her deceased brother William McKee and other property of the total value of $400–and that your petitioner is her husband and desires to be appointed Conservator of her Estate

Dated Chester Ill., August 7″ 1893

(signed) Wm F Steel


According to the Illinois Department of Human Services, Susannah McKee was first admitted to the facility on 15 March 1893, at the age of 37. She was admitted to the facility at Anna, IL from Sparta, Randolph County, IL. She was a native of Illinois, the wife of a farmer with a religious preference of Presbyterian. She was the mother of five children, the youngest being 3 month at the time of her admission. Her only correspondent listed was W. F. Steele from Sparta. She was discharged 31 Dec 1893 to her husband.

Susannah was admitted for a second time on 17 Jan 1894 at the age of 38 and discharged on 31 Mar 1895.

Susannah was again admitted on 13 Aug 1896; however, she only had 4 children at the time with the youngest being 4 years old. She was admitted from Steeleville, Randolph County, IL. Her husband is not listed as correspondent but she is listed as married. Her husband is not listed a pick-up at discharge either. She was discharged 20 Jun 1903.

Susannah’s fourth admittance was 31 Dec 1903 and she died at the facility 30 Oct 1919. Susannah is buried on the grounds at the facility at Anna.

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