State of Illinois, Randolph County, SS

In the name of the People of the State of Illinois to the Sheriff of said County, Greeting:

We command you, That you summon Ann McKee, Alexander McKee, and Susan McKee his wife, Jane Campbell and Henry Campbell, her husband, Mary L. A. Ashworth, Agnes E. Ashworth, Elizabeth G. Carswell, Joseph J. McKee, Susanah McKee, widow of William McKee Dead

William McKee jr Susannah McKee jr, Mary J. Thompson and Joseph Thompson her husband, Sarah McKinley and Robert McKinley her husband, Margaret Leman and George Leman her husband if they shall be found in your County, personally to be and appear before the County Court of said Randolph County, on the first day of the next Term thereof, to be holden at the office of the Clerk of said Court, it being the usual place of holding said Count, in Chester in said Randolph county, on the twentieth day of February 1882, to answer unto the petition of Robert Telford Administrator of the Estate of Robert G McKee deceased, on the return day hereof; which said petition was filed in our said Court, on the twenty sixth day of January A. D. 1882, and prays that this Court will order and direct the sale of Real Estate of said deceased for the payment of debts of said estate and expenses of administration. And have you then and there this writ, with an endorsement thereon in what many you hall have executed the same.

Witness, R. J. Carmer
Clerk of our said Court, and the seal thereof, at Chester aforesaid, this 26th day of Jany A. D. 1882

(Signed) R. J. Carmer Clerk

Petition to Sell Real Estate to Pay Debts

State of Illinois, Randolph County, SS
Robt Telford Adm of Est of Robt G McKee Deceased, vs. Ann McKee et al
Petition to sell Real Estate to pay debts.

I, R. J. Carmer Clerk of the County court of said County, in the State aforesaid, do hereby certify that on the 6th day of Febry A. D. 1882, being within ten days after the first publication of the notice hereunto appended, I sent by mail a copy of said notice to Agnes Dodd and Joseph Dodd and Alexander Anderson defendant, at their P. O. address, England in pursuance of Section 104 of an Act of the General Assembly of the state of Illinois, entitled “An Act in regard to the Administration of Estates,” approved, April 1st, 1872.

Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, this 6th day of Febry A.D., 1882

(signed) R J Carmer Clerk

Copy of Notice herein referred to.

Non Resident Notice

State of Illinois, Randolph County SS

In the County County of Randolph County, March term, 1882

Robert Telford, administrator of the estate of Robert G. McKee, deceased, vs. Ann McKee et al,

Petition to sell land to pay debts.

An affidavit having been filed by the petitioner in the office of the clerk of said county allowing that said defendants, Alexander Anderson, Agnes Dodd and Joseph Dodd, her husband, reside out of this State, and that their place of residence and post-office address is 33 Old Cross Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancastershire, England, notice is hereby give to said Alexander Anderson, Agnes Dodd and Joseph Dodd that the said Robert Telford has filed his petition in said court, praying for an order to sell so much thereof of the following describe real estate, situated in the county of Randolph, State of Illinois, as may be necessary to pay the debts of said interstate to wit: The west half of the southeast quarter of section 24, township 5, south, range 5 west, in Randolph County, state of Illinois; and that summons in said cause will be returnable at the march term of said county, to be holden at the count house in Chester, in said county, ion the third Monday in March, 1882.

Now unless you, the said Alexander Anderson, Agnes Dodd and Joseph Dodd, shall appear before said court, on the first day of said term thereof, and plea., answer or demur to said petition, the allegations contained therein will be taken as confessed, and an order entered in accordance with the prayer of said petition.

Robert J. Harmer,
Clerk of the County Court,
R. J. Goddard, Attorney for Administrator.

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