Of——————-Alexander R. McKelvy—————-of the

Precinct——–of Sparta——-in the County of Randolph——- and State of Illinois——made and published the twenty fourth– day of October——-in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninty—-

In the name of god, amen, I, —Alexander R. McKelvy,——–of the —-Precinct——–of Sparta, ———-in the county of Randolph—and State of Illinois,—-of the age of sixty eight—years, and being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this my Last Will and Testament in manner following, that is to say:

FIRST – It is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid.

SECOND — I give and bequeath—-to my daughter, Mattie McKelvy, the sum of one thousand ($1000.) Dollars

THIRD — I give and bequeath to my daughter, Laura B. McKelvy, the sum of five hundred($500) dollars.

FOURTH — I give and bequeath to my daughter, Minnie M. McKelvy, the sum of five hundred ($500) Dollars.

FIFTH — It is my will and desire that the three bequests above, first be paid out of the proceeds of my estate, that my Executor, convert into cash, all my property, both real, personal, mixed and choses in action of whatsoever kind and character, and after having paid all my just and debts and the bequests above, then to devide the remainder of the pro- ceeds of my estate, EQUALLY among all my sons and daughters, who are as follows to wit: Mary E. Ervin, Sidney A. McKelvy, Nettie Brown, dec’d Hattie Foster, Charles McKelvy, Mattie McKelvy, Laura B. McKelvy, and Minnie M. McKelvy; they, each of them above named I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of the proceeds of my estate,after paying the first bequests, before mentioned, namley: Mattie the $1000. Laura B. $500. and Minnie W. $500.

SIXTH — In order that my Executor, may be enabled to carry out the pro- visions of this my Last Will and Testament, I hereby authorize and em- power him to sell, either at public or private sale all of my personal and real estate, to convert all my property into money; and he is her by empowered to make good and sufficient deeds of my real estate, to whomsoever he may sell the same, the same as if I myself, XXXX could have done, if living.

LASTLY – I hereby nominate and appoint Sidney A. McKelvy,————-
of the County of Randolph and State of Illinois,———————
to be Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the twenty fourth day of October, ———in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninty.—————-

A. R. McKelvy SEAL

The above Instrument, consisting of two sheets, was now here subscribed by Alexander R. McKelvy the Testator, in the presence of each of us; and was at the same time declared by him to be his Last Will and Testament, and we at his request, sign our names hereto in his presence as attesting witnesses.

Thos b. Stephenson of Sparta Illinois
W.D.M. Eiker of Sparta Illinois
Thos Alexander of Sparta Illinois

Contra ask to be credited with the following payments to Creditors of Deceased, as per vouchers herewith submitted.

DateYearItemsPaid Out AmountTotal Amount
Nov. 151897Account Book$ .40 
" " "Funeral Expenses, Father,61.20 
" " "" " Sister54 
" 29 "J. Q. Ragland, Labor15.96 
Dec. 31"Printing for sale,5.50 
Jan. 7,1898Dr. H. R. Guthrie,62.75 
" 8"Mill Feed.75 
" " "J. M. Clark,2. 
" ""Jno. R. Foster,2. 
" ""J. F. Blair2. 
" 10"Receipt book,.20 
" 14"Insurance on Farm4.84 
" 15"Supplies for sale10.31 
" ""Paper.10 
" 22"Taxes on Farm50.04 
" " "Mrs. McNabney, Labor9.78 
" 24"T. A. K. Orr, Vetenary Surgeion,.50 
" 26"S.S. Taylor, auctiioneer,15. 
" ""J. M. Clark, Clerk hire6. 
" ""W. D. M. Eiker " "5. 
" 31"J.D. Bursh, Repairs.96 
Feb. 7,"Jas Gordon, Weighing,.10 
" ""Nails,.10 
Apr.19"Youths Companion.75 
Aug.15"C. L. Mann, Lumber34.45 
" ""W. E. Braden, "53.87 
" ""Building & Loan dues105. 
" ""R.W. Allen, Nails,4. 
Sep. 3,"City Scales, weighing.15 
" 29"J & S.H. Alexander, paints,3.40 
" ""Wm. Orr, Painting3.52 
Oct 8"Jno. R. Foster, Hog service,.75 
Nov 25"Insurance on Buildings,4.02 
Dec 21"Recording B & L Mgt, Release,.75 
Aug. 71899Revenue Stamp for used6. 
" 15"S. A. McKelvey, On distribution, Shr. of Est.900. 
" ""Chas. McKelvey " " " " "900. 
" ""Hattie Foster " " " " "900. 
" ""Ella Ervin, " " " " "900. 
" ""Heirs of Nettie Brown " " " "900. 
Sep.16"Minnie McKelvey, Distribution & Shr. of Wil1925. 
Dec.31"Laura Finley, " " " "1400. 
" ""W.A. Pinkerton, Monument250. 
" ""H. C. Horner, Fees,10. 
" ""T.F. Alexander, "7. 
" ""W.E. Braden Lumber Co..43 
Jan. 71901Certificate of Publication2.50 
" 7"Costs of Courts28.00 
" ""Commissions to Executor394.97$9055.75

Administrator’s or Executor’s Report

State of Illinois, To the Judge of the County Court of Randolph
county of Randolph SS. County, January Term, A.D. 1901

The undersigned, S. A. McKelvey, Executer
of the will of Alex. R. deceased, would respectfully submit to the Court the following Report of his acts and doings as such executor from dae of Appointment to January 7th A.D. 1901,
charge himm with the following, to-wit:

DateYearItems of ReceiptReceipt AmountTotal Amount
Nov.15,1897Cert. of Deposit, Mer. Ex. Bank$130. 
Jan. 71898" " " " " "296. 
" 8"Wheat Sold101.84 
Oct. 1,"Jno. C. Foster, Interest on note33. 
Dec.17"Chas. McKelvey, " on money advanced6.72 
" """ " on note168.28 
Aug.10,1899Jno. C. Foster, Interest30. 
" 14"Sale of Farm6000. 
" 15"Jno.C.Foster, Note340.43 
" """ " " "211.26 
" ""Chas. McKelvey "900. 
" 28"W.L. Hargis, "35.12 
Aug.111900Chas. McKelvey "211.53 
" ""Sale Notes Collected889.01 
" """ Personal Property250.50 
" """ of Wheat60.16 
" ""J.E. Wilson, Sand9.00 
Recapitulation		Dollar	Cts.	
Total Amount Received	9852	95	
Total Amount Paid Out	9055	75	
Balance Due		 527	10

all of which is respectfully submitted S. A. McKelvey
Executor of the
Will of the late
Alex. R. McKelvey, deceased

State of Illinois
County of Randolph SS. J. S. A. McKelvey, Executor
of the last Will & Testament of the Estate
of Alex. R. McKelvey deceased, being duly sworn says that the foregoing
is a full and perfect account of all his dealings and transactions, and of all moneys and effects received
and paid out by him as such Executor from date of appointment
to the seventh day of Jan. A. D. 1901
S. A. McKelvey, Executor

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this seventh day of January A.D. 1901
JC Perkins Notary Public
by Deputy,

No. Chattel Property Value	Dollars

Personal Property appraisment 	896.00
2 shares Creamery Stock 	 20.00

Real and Personal Estate

State of Illinois }
County Randolph }

In the Matter of the Estate of Alex. R. McKelvey Deceased:

The following is a full and perfect inventory of all Real and Personal Estate of the
Said deceased, so far as the same has jcom to the possession or knowledge of the
Undersigned. Executor

Of the last Will of A.R. McKelvy deceased

Real Estate Value
E ½ S.E. Sec 35, T4, R6, West		80 acres	$3200.
S.W., S.E. " 35, T4, R6, " 		40 acres	$1600.
N.frt N.W.N.E. Sec 2 T5, R6 West 	10 acres	$ 400.
N1/2 N.E.W.E. " 2 T5, R6 " 		18 acres	$ 720.

Cash on hand at time of decease $ 336.00

Notes And Accounts

By Whom Owing Date Interest Good Doubtful Desperate Amount.

J.C. Foster 		Aug 20 1890 	 6% 	500. 	  354.19
Chas. McKelvey 		Jan  1 1894 	 6% 	500. 	  548.90
W.L. Hargis 		Mch  3 1896 	 6% 	 67.50 	   31.91
Jane Wilson 		Apr 18 1879 	10% 	 20. 	   20.00
Fountain Polloch 	Apr 30 1877 	10% 	120. 	  120.00
James Mann 		May 24 1874 	10% 	100. 	  100.00
Chas. McKelvey 		June 5 1886 	 6% 	700. 	  700.00
J.C. Foster 		Aug 23 1886 	 6% 	200. 	  202.26

I do hereby certify that the above is a correct Inventory of the Real and Personal Estate

Of Alex. R. McKelvey deceased,

Given under our hands this 4th day of April 1898

Sidney A. McKelvey


3382 Copy Of Petition. – Admitting Will To Probate

State of Illinois County Court Randolph County
County of Randolph ss. In Probate, Dec. Term 1897

To the honorable S. L. Taylor Judge of said court:

Your Petitioner Sidney A. McKelvy respectfully
represents to you Honor that the attached instrument of writing purports to be the Last Will and Testament
of A. R. McKelvy deceased. that the said deceased at time of his
death resided Near Sparta, in Aforesaid County and State and
that the said A. R. McKelvey died at
his home on or about the 30th
day of October A. D. 1897

Your petitioner further represents that the said A. R. McKelvey
left at the time the following heirs-at-law and legatees:

Sidney A. McKelvey, Son of said deceased,
residing at Sparta, Illinois

Mattie McKelvy, deceased, Daughter of said deceased,
residing at died without issue, leaving her brothers & Sisters, heirs at law.

Laura B. McKelvy, nee Finley, Daughter of said deceased,
residing at Sparta, Illinois

Winnie W. McKelvy, Daughter of said deceased,
residing at Sparta, Illinois

Mary E. Ervin, Daughter of said deceased,
residing at Swanwick, Perry Co. Illinois

Nettie Brown, deceased, Daughter of said deceased,
leving the following children, Walter, Fred, Howard, Myria Lorine and
residing at Ruth, residing at Sparta, Illinois

Hattie Foster, Daughter of said deceased,
residing at Sparta, Illinois, of said deceased,
residing at

Your Petitioner further asks that the said Last Will and Testament be admitted to Probate.

It is ordered, That the 13th day of December, A. D. 1897, be
set for hearing on said Will.

S. L. Taylor, County Judge

State of Illinois
County of Randolph

Sidney A. McKelvy
being duly sworn, on oath deposes and says that the allegations contained in the forgoing Petition are true,
to the best of his knowledge and belief. Sidney A McKelvey

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 13th day of November A.D. 1897

Thos F. Alexander
Notary Public
My Commision expires Aug. 1st, 1899

State of Illinois Proof of Death
Randolph County,

Sidney A. McKelvey being duly sworn, deposes
and says that Alexander R. McKelvey late of the Province of Sparta
in the county of Randolph and State of Illinois aforesaid,
departed this life at his residence in said county, on or about the
30th day of October ,A. D. 189 7 and the he died leaving
a last will and testament, to the best of his knowledge and belief.

Sidney A. McKelvey

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 13th day of Dec——–A. D. 189 7
Isaac C. Beare County Clerk.

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