Though Brewerville has never prospered as a village, it provides a point by which some earlier interests may be located. The lowlands between Brewerville and the Mississippi River once contained some of the finest kind of pecan trees. There were great groves of them, and it was here that many a pioneer gathered a stock of nuts to be eaten by the open fireplace on wintry evenings. Numerous pecan trees are yet to be seen there. It was also to a point near Brewerville that Dr. Fisher came from Kaskaskia to establish his home. Other people, feeling that a location near a doctor would be desirable, settled nearby. This neighborhood became known as the Dr. Fisher Settlement and is even yet occasionally referred to as such. It was here that Dr. Fisher, in 1808, established a pioneer hospital, doubtless the first one in the state. The hospital building constructed by Dr. Fisher was standing until the 1930’s when it was razed to provide materials for a dwelling. It was not until the 1870’s that Thomas Brewer gave his name to the village. Since then the name has again been changed and is now known as Murdock.

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