Levi Teale and James Curry were hunting, when night overtook them, they stopped at a house, newly built by David Pagan. During that night, they were attacked by Indians. Teale wished to surrender, but Curry chose to fight. The Indians helped to decide the matter when Teale went to the barred door for the purpose of opening it or inspecting the fastenings. A savage, seeing Teale‘s foot exposed through an opening known as the “cat hole,” drove a spear through the foot and into the floor. Reaching down to remove this spear, Teale‘s hand was pinioned by another one. Thus he was definitely removed from the combat. In the meantime Curry, was coolly shooting at the Indians from the loft where he had taken refuge. After a few casualties, the Indians took refuge close against the wall where they were not within the range of Curry‘s rifle. This didn’t help them any, for Curry began dumping the weight poles from the roof upon their unsuspecting heads. Being prudent warriors, they retired. Curry then released Teale and finally reached Kaskaskia vicinity with him. Teale recovered. Curry and Joseph Anderson, with whom he was hunting some years later, failed to return from the hunting trip. Indians, known to have been lurking in the vicinity, doubtlessly supplied an explanation for the disappearance of Curry and Anderson.

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