Shadrach Bond. There were two Shadrach Bond’s prominent in local history. The elder one was among the earlier Americans to settle in and to give the name American Bottoms to a territory lying along the river north of Chester. A second Shadrach Bond, nephew of the first, came to Kaskaskia in 1797. He became a leading citizen and served as first governor of the State. Before Chester had long been in existence, a burying ground was required.  Such a place was established on the bluff above the site later occupied by Magge’s Mill.  This cemetery, being difficult of access, was deserted for the present site in 1834.  It is in this new location that many of the early settlers of noted, lie buried. At his grave in the Chester Evergreen Cemetery (the second Shadrach Bond), to which his body was removed from the Kaskaskia Cemetery, will be found the marker erected by the State of Illinois.

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