Township 4 Range 5 Land Map from the 1875 Historical Atlas

Township 4 Range 5 Land Map from the 1875 Historical Atlas

Township 4, Range 5, occupies the north-eastern corner of Randolph County. It was one of the latest settled portions of the county. Grand Cote Prairie, lies in the northern and eastern part of the township, and the greater part of Flat Prairie is also embraced within its boundaries. in the year 1820, David Cathcart and John Dickey settled in the lower end of Flat Prairie, within the limits of Township 4-5. In 1822, James Coulter, John McKelvey, and Alexander McKelvey, settled in Grand Cote Prairie. James Dickey, Samuel Boyd, and James Strahan also came in the same year, and located in the immediate vicinity. These settlements were rapidly followed up by others. The prairie over which previous to the arrival of the first settlers, herds of wild deer had roamed, was soon occupied by fine farms and a thrifty population.

In the year 1850, James Coulter had a portion of his land surveyed into town lots, and offered them for sale. This was the foundation of the town of Coulterville. The town had a fine location, with a rich and fertile agricultural region surrounding it. Two churches were erected in the town in the years 1852 and 1853. Henry Taylor opened the first dry-goods store. The town is situated in a healthful locality, and the population of the township is principally composed of substantial and prosperous farmers. Coulterville was also the largest town, and presently located on Rt. 13 on the county border with Perry Co. It was originally named Grand Cote for the prairie, but In 1850 James settled there and the name was changed to Coulterville. The Post Office was opened in the store in 1854. W. W. was the first Mayor.

In the Coulterville Community Development Program by the History Committee:

The first village election under the new charter was held in the Alston home, on April 20, 1875. A. S. Dickey, W. W. Jamison, J. M. Elliot, J. M. Jones, Alex Milligan and J. S. Milligan were named trustees and S. M. East for clerk.; W. W. Jamison was the first Mayor.

Tilden is a small town located on Rt. 13 on the county border with Washington Co. The town was originally named Sadowa and the Post Office was est. in 1870.

1860 Census of T4 R5

1875 Business Directory

SurnameGivenPost OfficeResidenceBusinessNativityWhen Came
AndersonJamesTildenSec. 17Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1843
AndersonJohnTildenSec. 16Farmer and Stone CutterScotland1843
AitkenJamesTildenSec. 16Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1849
AlexanderHenryTildenSec. 9Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1855
BeckleyEliCoultervilleCoultervilleFarmer and Stock RasierEngland1859
BloysM. D.CoultervilleCoultervilleSaddle and Harness MakerSouth Carolina1874
BeattieJacob B.SpartaSec. 33Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1843
BoydSamuel L.TildenSec. 17Farmer and Stock RasierSouth Carolina1825
BoydRobertTildenSec. 17Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1843
BoydJohn S.TildenSec. 17Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1842
BrownJosephCoultervilleSec. 3Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1833
BeattieJames H. Sr.SpartaSec. 22Agt. For Musical InstrumentsRandolph County1852
ChildsC. Y.CoultervilleCoultervillePhysician and SurgeonBaltimore County MD1853
CraigRobertSpartaSec. 32Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1843
CrawfordJamesSpartaSec. 21Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1838
CraigJamesSpartaSec. 32Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1832
CampbellMary AnnCoultervilleSec. 3Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1817
De MierJohn R.CoultervilleCoultervilleR. R. Agent and ManufacturerMissouri1870
DickeyWilliam JosephSpartaSec. 31Farmer and Stock RasierMissouri1837
DickeyAlexander S.CoultervilleCoultervilleMerchant and Real EstateRandolph County1830
ElliottR. B.CoultervilleCoultervilleLumber and Grain DealerOhio1853
EasdaleHughTildenSec. 16Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1840
EdmistonWilliam, Jr.TildenSec. 5Grain DealerTennessee1832
FarisJames M.CoultervilleCoultervillePastor Reform Presby'n ChurchIndiana1873
FosterDavid A.SpartaSec. 31Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1822
GordonBros.CoultervilleCoultervillePropr. Coultersville MillsIndiana1874
HunterRobertCoultervilleCoultervillePast R. P. Ch. General SynodPennsylvania1873
HayesIsaac H.SpartaSec. 32Farmer and Stock RasierSaratoga County NY1833
HarwellDavid W.SpartaSec. 13Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1846
HemphillW. W.SpartaSec. 20Farmer and Stock RasierIreland1874
JonesPaul T.TildenSec. 5BlacksmithJackson County IL1841
KennedyJohnCoultervilleSec. 2Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1847
LeeperA. K.CoultervilleCoultervillePhysician and SurgeonPennsylvania1859
LongZachariahCoultervilleCoultervilleStove and Tin DealerIllinois1849
LindsayThomas B.TildenSec. 9Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1835
LockheartJamesCoultervilleCoultervilleFarmer and Stock RasierIreland
MilliganW. A.CoultervilleCoultervilleDruggist, Book and News Dealer, and postmasterRandolph County1840
MunfordJames R.CoultervilleCoultervilleFarmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1848
MunfordDavidCoultervilleCoultervilleJustice of the PeaceSouth Carolina1819
MortonAndrewSpartaSec. 19Farmer and CarpenterIreland1858
MurphyJohnTildenSec. 5Farmer and Stock RasierIreland1848
MunfordWilliamCoultervilleSec. 15Farmer and Stock RasierSouth Carolina1819
MathewsRobertTildenSec. 4Farmer and Stock RasierIreland1838
MarlowA. K.CoultervilleCoultervillePhysician and SurgeonVirginia1858
McIntyreDanielCoultervilleSec. 7Physician and Mfr. Castor OilScotland1839
McLaughlinJohnCoultervilleSec. 16Physician and Stock GrowerIreland1849
McFieJohn R.CoultervilleCoultervilleAttorney at LawRandolph County1848
PinkertonJohnTildenSec. 4Farmer and Stock RasierSouth Carolina1844
RobertsonRobertSpartaSec. 29Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1849
RobertsonR. I.SpartaSec. 29Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1849
StrahnJamesTildenSec. 8Farmer and Stock RasierRandolph County1850
TreftsM. G.CoultervilleCoultervilleWagon ManufacturerWurtemburg, Germany1858
WoodsideJ. J.CoultervilleCoultervilleFarmer and Stock RasierKentucky1829
WiselyR. K.CoultervilleCoultervilleMerchant and Stock RaiserWashington County IL1852
WattJamesTildenSec. 5Merchant and PostmasterScotland1860
WilsonHughSpartaSec. 21Farmer and Stock RasierScotland1857
WirtsS. H.CoultervilleCoultervilleDentistOntario County NY1865
YoungGeorgeTildenSec. 5MerchantScotland1817


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