Pension File No:  XC 2 714 225
Robert McKinley

This file is 68 pages long and as such is rich in information. I’ve transcribed some of the documents from the file. If you would like a copy of this file, I’m sending one to the Randolph County Genealogy Society from whom you can request a copy.


Hallowell, Kansas, May 25 “91.

In answer to your letter of Inquiry, as to fact He took Sick on or about August 1865 with fever At Memphis Tennessee, was not able for duty, Continued Sick until about the 26’ 1865 of August. He was then taken with Running of Bowels, Diarrhea called Bloody Piles, from Being exposed In the wet. Settled in his head and affected his Hearing. Continued getting worse. Rheumatism With Severe Pains, Set in I Know the above As I Served in Company “B” 152” Regt. Ill At the same time.

Andrew J. Crain

Certificate No. 417073

Name: Robert McKinley

Dated: January 15, 1898

From: Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D.C

Format: Letter asking that the following questions be answered and the form returned.

First. Are you married? If so, please state your wife’s full name and her maiden name.

Answer. Yes, wife Sara McKee maiden name

Second. When, where, and by whom were you married?

Answer. 10th of Oct 1861

Third. What record of marriage exists? Clerks office Chester Ills

Answer. Chester ILL

Fourth. Were you previously married? If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.

Answer. No Never

Fifth. Have you an children living? If so, please state their names and dates of their birth.

Answer. Yes. Ellen Jane – April – 12 – 1863 – John – William May 14 – 1864 –

Nancy – ______________ – April – 20 – 1869 James William December – 18 – 1870 –

Mary Susan February – 14 1873 _________________ 1875 – Robert – 6 yrs.


State of Illinois County of Randolph } SS.

Personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the State and County aforesaid this 31st day of May 1924 and after being first duly sworn on oath according to law disposes and says that I, Nellie Nevin of Tilden, Illinois was personally acquainted with one Mary F. McKinley (nee Craig) during her lifetime who was the second wife of one Robert McKinley a soldier of the Civil War and that I know that Mrs. Mary F. McKinley was also know as Francis McKinley (nee Craig). I further state that I am 50 years of age and that I have resided at Tilden, Illinois all of my life and I make this affidavit from personal knowledge of Mr. and Mrs. McKinley as I lived neighbor to them during their livetime.

Nellie Nevin.

Declaration of a Widow for Original Pension

State of Illinois County of Randolph, SS:

On this 24th day of February, 1924, personally appeared Anna D. McKinley before me the undersigned, who makes the following declaration as an application for pension under the provisions of the acts of Congress granting pension to the widows of soldiers and sailors who have died by reason of would or injury received or disease contracted in the service of the United State and in the line of duty:

That she is 65 years of age, that she was born January 17, 1859 at Blair County, Pa. near Williamsburg, and that her post-office address is Tilden, Illinois, Box 71.

That she is the widow of Robert McKinley, who ENLISTED ____________, at Washington Co., Illinois, under the name of Robert McKinley, in Company B 132nd Inf. Illinois DISCHARGED September 11, 1865, at Memphis Tnn., and who DIED December 31th 1922, at Tilden, Illinois.

That he also servied Civil are in Isaac P. Strag__’s Company B. 152 Reg of Ill. Infantry from Feby 10th 1865 to Sept 11th 1865. and that, except as herein stated, said soldier (or sailor) was not employed in the military or naval service of the United State;

THAT SHE WAS MARRIED to said soldier (or sailor) September 17th——1916 at Belleville, Illinois, by Rev. J. Harper of Tilden, Illinois, under the name of Anne D. Hileman, that she had once been previously married, that he had twice been previously married;

That she was NOT divorced from the soldier (or sailor) and that she has NOT remarried since his death;

That the following are the ONLY children OF THE SOLDIER (or sailor) who are now living and under sixteen years of age: No children under 16yrs of age.

That she has never heretofore applied for pension, the number of her former claim being none; that said soldier (or sailor) was once a pensioner, the number of his pension certificate being 127933.

(signed by)
Mrs. Anna D. McKinley
(Claimant’s signature in full.)

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