Marriage License’s Issued from Chester Newspaper Extracts
By Martha of Seattle

Please Note:  This microfilm is difficult to read.  Illegible portions are marked (–) I have tried to keep the same formatting as the original.  The newspaper was published weekly on Wednesday (in 1894 it was published weekly on Thursday)

Issue of 8 Apr 1874

Since our last publication of marriage license, the Clerk has issued the following;

  • William H. Laplant and Miss Amanda Morrison;
  • Henrick Magus and Miss Elizabeth Eils;
  • James J. Reagan and Miss Mary A Phegley;
  • John Philip Wittenborn and Miss Mary Steinberg;
  • Thomas Finley and Miss Jane Wilson;
  • Gotlieb Roehrkasse and Miss Sophie Eggerding.

Issue of 17 Feb 1875

Marriage license

  • Friedrich Jansen and Miss Doris Koop;
  • David A. Cadwallader and Mrs. Rosalia Brewer;
  • Aaron Wilson and Miss Lena Runge;
  • John Winstanley and Miss Sarah O’Hara;
  • Antoine Brown and Miss Roseanne East;
  • Hezekiah M. Duncan and Miss Henrietta Ray;
  • P. Lovejoy Gault and Miss Margaret Patterson;
  • Benj. F. Soper and Miss Mary E. Hughbanks;
  • Geo. Roots and Miss Rachel McCarty;
  • Jas. Hart and Miss Minerva B Watkins;
  • Uriah Moore and Miss Lucinda Moore

Married–On Friday, February 12, 1875, at the Lutheran Church, at Randolph, by Rev. Charles T(—)ver, Mr. Aaron Wilson and Miss Lena Runge, both of this county.

Issue of 3 Mar 1875

Marriage license issued since our last report:

  • Edward Carnelson, Miss Sarah McDill
  • Nathan J. Weishaus, Miss Sarah J. Morrow
  • Wm. Hall, Miss Emeline Harrison
  • Geo. W. Nasbett, Miss Margaret A. Syar
  • Carl Hartman, Miss Catherine Rob (?)
  • Friedrich Hirte, Miss Maria C. Gerlach
  • Francis Morandt (?), Miss Mary Bourgeois
  • Jas. K. McCormack, Miss Cynthia A. Johns

Issue of 7 Apr 1875

List of Marriage License

  • Wm. W. Collier, Miss Angelique E. Smith
  • Fritz Shivers, Miss Sophie Rabe
  • Orville M. Bell, Miss Ella Hamilton
  • Jos. H. Noster (? Foster?) , Miss Mattie E Bryd

(the rest of the list is illegible.)

Married –On Wednesday, March 31st, by Rev. Robert Ryall, Mr. William W. Collier and Miss Angelique E. Smith, both of this city.

Marriage License

  • Frederick Busse,  Mrs. Mary Klingemann (?)
  • Preston B. Brickey, Miss Emily Whitaker
  • George Roth,  Miss Anna Kein
  • Jos. Albert,  Miss Sarah Louvier
  • Antoine Lavery,  Miss Mary Eliza Brewer

(rest of the list is illegible)

Issue of 12 May 1875


–On Wednesday, April 28, 1875 at the Virginia Hotel, in this city, by Judge Lindsey, Mr. David McCormack to Miss Angeline Lybarger, both of this county.

–On Thursday, May 6, 1875, at the residence of the bride’s father, Henry Hoeck, Esq., by Rev. M. Stephan, Rev. Jacob Diehl of Pella, Wisconsin, to Miss Emma Hoeck, of this city.

–On Tuesday, May 11, 1875, at the St. Charles Hotel, in this city, by Judge Lindsey, Mr. Cornelius McCormack to Miss Ella (?) Williamson, both of Sparta.

–Mr Bradley McKinze and Miss Eva Higginson were married last Sunday night a week ago and started for the Far West the following Monday.

Issue of 19 May 1875


–On Thursday, May 13, 1875, at the Lutheran Church in Randolph, by Rev. Charles Tegtm(–)Erm, Mr. Christian F. Weinrich to Miss Mary Rebbe, both of this city. (Editorial congratulations follows, not copied)

–On Monday May 17, 1875, at the residence of the bride’s father, Dr. Wm. A. Gordon, by Rev. A. B. Rohrbaugh, Dr. William R. McKenzie, of Kaskaskia, to Miss Nellie M. Gordon, of this city. (Editorial congratulations follows, not copied)

Marriage License:

  • Christian F. Weinrich,  Miss Mary Rebb
  • Joseph Steele,    Miss Margaret E. Campbell
  • Chas. Gardner,   Miss Elizabeth Martin
  • Frederick Hanebutt,  Miss Louise Heinemann
  • W. R. McKenzie,   Miss Nellie M. Gordon
  • Joseph Waller and Miss Louise Junge,
  • William P. Roberts and Miss Margaret E. McDonald.

Rockwood Brevities:


–On last Thursday evening, December 30, 1875 at the residence of Mrs. L. E. Brown, Mrs. Geo. O. Dean and Miss Mollie G. Brown, by Rev. Alfred W. Wright. (editorial congratulations follows, no copied)

–On Sunday afternoon, January 2d, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. James Dillian and Miss Isabella Tigert, by Wm. G. Harry, Esq.

Married–DeanBrown — The social element of the little town of Rockwood was thrown into a flutter of anticipation and excitement last Thursday evening, the occasion being the celebration of the nuptials of Miss Mollie G. Brown and Mr. Geo. O. Dean. The ceremony was of a private nature, taking place at the residence of the bride’s Aunt, Mrs. L. E. Brown, and witnessed by a large company of friends and relatives of the contracting parties. The bride was most becomingly and tastefully attired in a handsome silver gray silk pongee, hair entwined with orange blossoms, and wearing plain gold ornaments, looked bewitchingly lovely; the groom wore a rich black suit, which set off his handsome figure to the best advantage…. The delighted couple go to their new home at Ava this week, where Mr. Dean holds a position in the mill at that place.

–During the past week license to marry have been issued to

  • George O. Dean and Miss Mary G. Brown;
  • Martin Conroy and Miss Mary Digh;
  • Jas. R. Dillian and Miss Sarah I. Tigert;
  • Wm. O. Braden and Miss Jenny Patterson;
  • Chas. H. Dishman and Miss Mary Louise Gendron.

License to marry have been issued to the following parties, since our report of March 15:

  • Miss Milbrey C. McGuire,  Wm. F. Talbot
  • Miss Jane Smiley,  Wm. E. Braden
  • Miss Sarah Kinney,  John B. Munford
  • Miss Fanny H. Jacobs,  Wm. Wetzel
  • Miss Eliza Daly,  Simon Jackson
  • Miss Nettie Bickett,  John W. Reed

Issue of 12 April 1876

–During the past week license to marry were issued to:

  • Miss Margaret J. McDonald,  Geo. T. Barnes
  • Mrs. Sarah F. Crisler,  Wm. B. Johnson
  • Miss Wilhelmina Beisner,  Henry Bollman
  • Miss Margaret C. Brown,  Chas. F. Chis
  • Miss Wilhelmina Heinks, Fred W. Schultz
  • Emily Barbeau,  Joseph Bequette

Married: UhlsBrown –On Thursday, April 6, 1876, at the residence of the bride’s parents, near Diamond Cross, by Rev. J. W. Lowe, Mrs. Charles F. Uhls and Miss Margaret C. Brown, both of that vicinity. (Editorial congratulations follow, not copied)

Issue of 26 Aug 1876

–During the past week, marriage license have been granted to:

  • Miss Mary E. Bilderback and Rob’t Lowry
  • Mrs. Talitha Brown and Feliz Labrier
  • Miss Sophie Rursede (?) and H. Backhorn
  • Miss Margaret I. Scott and G. W. Jones
  • Miss M. E. Harmon and A. J. Schemerhorn

Percy Paragraphs

–Mr. Milligan of Pinckneyville and Miss Emma Steele of Short’s Prairie, were bound in the bonds of matrimony on Thursday at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. (Littlep–???) of  Sparta.


Drezka- Esselmann:  On Sunday, April 16, 1876, at Claryville, Missouri, by Squire V. P. Tucker, Mr. Robert Drezka and Miss Katie Esselmann, both of this city.

Lowry – Bilderback:  On Thursday, April 20, 1876, at the M. E. Parsonage, in this city, by Rev. J. W. Lowe, Mr. Robert Lowry of Wine Hill and Miss Mary Ellen Bilderback of Rockwood.

Milligan – Steele:  At the residence of the bride’s father, Anthony Steele, Esq. Near Steeleville on Thursday, April 20, 1876, by Rev. W. J. Gillespie, of Sparta, Mr. John W. Milligan and Miss Emma J. Steele, both of this county.

–Since May 23rd marriage license have been issued to:

  • Phillip Rothmeier,  Miss Mary Young
  • James Ennis(–),  Miss Sarah M. Hughes
  • R. Marzinkowski,  Miss Veronica Wolshook
  • Wm Muthottanch(???), Miss Margaret Roche
  • Louis Jacoby,  Miss Tony McMillan
  • Rob’t Swing,  Miss Eva Boyle
  • Edward J. Buatie (?) ,  Miss Mary Dannis
  • Paul Chouteau,  Miss Mary Ambrose
  • John A. Williamson,  Miss Mary A. Krupps (?)
  • Wm. J. Askins,  Miss Sophia R. Gibson
  • Nathan Douglas,  Miss Annie Eliza Lateur (?)
  • Millard McMurdo,  Miss Martha A. Finley
  • Rob’t McLaughlin ,  Miss Julia Boatwright

Issue of Thursday, Jan 11, 1894

Marriage licenses–the following marriages licenses have been issued since our last publication:

209  Shadrach Bennie Baker, St Louis,  46
Miss Anna May Curtis, Sparta, 25

210  Henry Kathmann, Wine Hill, 53
Miss Minna Willig, Wine Hill, 47

211  John A Lewis, Lovelaceville, Kentucky, 22
Miss Emma J. Rosue(?), Rockwood, 18 (?)

Issue of (Either Jan 18 or Jan 25) 1894

1 Herman Engelhardt, Baldwin, 23 (could be 28)
Miss Katie Degner, Baldwin, —

2   Robert Boone, Chester, 29
Miss Josephine Dixon, Ste. Marya, Mo., 29

3 Henry Boeckhoff, Red Bud, 29
Mrs. Rebecca M. Ratz, Red Bud, 27

4  William Nivois (could be Nivols) Prairie du Rocher, 23
Miss Mary McClanahan, Prairie du Rocher, 23

5 Charles Rielefeid, (?) Brewerville, 24
Miss L (–)  Wiegard, Brewerville, 21

–Married at the M.E. parsonage, in this city, yesterday evening, Rev. L. S. Walker officiating, Mr. Amzi A. Segar and Miss Erma Crisler, both of this vicinity.

Issue of Thurs. Feb 1, 1894

Marriage licenses–the following marriages licenses have been issued since our last publication:

6 Charles Labrier, Florence, 25
Miss Jessie Paisley, Kaskaskia, —

7 William Brown, Evansville, —
Miss Laura E. Blackwell, Evansville, —

8 Amzi A. Segar, Chester, 43
Miss Emma Crisler, New Palestine, 20

9 Samuel (–) Erwin, St. Louis, 31
Miss Minnie Chew, Toronto, 21

10 Patric(–) Barry, Brewerville, —
Miss Susie Harris, Brewerville, 2(–)

11 D. T. Harkness, Chester–
Miss Emma Miller, Chester, —

12  William G. S. Cathcart, –, —
Miss Nannie Mathew, –, —

13  Henry (–) Terberdin, Ruma, 32
Miss Marie Rehmer, Horse Prairie, 22

14  William J. Hartman, Kaskaskia, 29
Miss Felicity Mary Dobbs, Kaskaskia, 23 (could be 28)

15 Illegible

Issue of Chester Clarion, Wed. April 13, 1887:

From Red Bud:

–Mr. Lee Barrett, of East St. Louis, was married to Miss Ada Johnston, of Baldwin, Wednesday evening, the ceremony taking place at the home of the bride. Mrs. J.C. Brown, of Percy, John Barrett, of Renault, and Everett Barrett, of Sedalia, Mo., were here several days, and attended the wedding. The young couple will reside in East St. Louis, where Lee is employed in the office of the M. and O. R. R. (Note:  later notice in same paper repeats this but gives additional information of minister as Rev. Dr. Allen of Murphysboro)

Marriage Licence:

License to marry were issued to the following parties during the past week:

Wm. Sulser (could be Suiser), Kaskaskia, 23
Catherina Cassout, Kaskaskia, 19

Pius C. Simpson, Ruma, 20
Sarah Agnes Whalen, Ruma, 20

Issue of Chester Clarion, Wednesday, April 18, 1888

–Last Thursday evening, at 5 o’clock, Abram A. Hanson was married to Miss Minnie E. Etherton, Rev. Braylock officiating.  Both bride and groom live in the suburbs of Murphysboro, Illinois….Mr. Hanson will be remembered as salutatorian of the common school graduating class of Chester, of ‘86.

–Marriage licenses:  The following marriage license have been issued by the county clerk since our last issue:

William Ebers, Wine Hill, 24
Helene S. Rickenberg, Wine Hill, 20

The Misc. papers M-9B Roll 1-285

Misc. IL Newspapers–IL State Historical Society–Eastern IL University Library

The Eighteen-Eighty, Saturday March 27, 1880 (Chester,Il)

Married:–MilesHenderson:  At the St. Charles Hotel, this city, thursday March 25, 1880, by Esquire Wm. L. Wilson, Mr. Alex Miles of Risdon, St. Clair County, to Miss Alice Henderson, of Baldwin.

Issue of Chester Herald Saturday June 30, 1855

Married:  on the 16th inst., by Rev. M. Eirich (could be Elrich), Mr. Isaac H. Nelson to Miss Louisa Vonkennel, all of this city.

Weekly Herald And Press, Friday, July 29, 1859

–Married:  On the morning of the 26th inst. at the residence of David Munford, in Grand Cote Prairie, by the Rev. Sam’l Wylie, David C. Campbell of Coulterville, Illinois, to Miss Anna E. Hall, of Madrid, New York.

Chester Herald Friday March 31, 1916

Marriage Licences

Fred Heinman, Baldwin
Lydia A. Spier, Baldwin

D(-)n M. Williamson, Ava
Murtie Wirtz, Ava

Picket-Guard, Wednesday, July 25, 1866

Local News:

–Married; at Madison Wisconsin, by Rev. S. Falk, Emanuel Cook, late of Chester, Ill,. to Miss Lena Lenz of Madison Wisconsin.

Weekly Randolph County Democrat, Saturday, January 19, 1861

Married:  At the residence of Henry Greenwalt, on Tuesday, the 18th inst., by Martin Ireland, Esq., Mr. Henry C. Emery and Miss Elizabeth M. Forsee.

Weekly Randolph County Democrat, Saturday, April 20, 1861

Married:  On the 10th inst., at the residence of Mrs. Crozier, in Red Bud, by Rev. J. W. Glen, Mr. E. S. Brown and Miss Sophia A. (sic) Crozier, both of Red Bud. Note:  Sophia’s middle initial is given as N in marriage license listings, (see below)

Marriage Licences:

  • Alfred M. Mann and Miss Sarah S. Hood
  • John W. Westfall and Miss Mary J. Brewer
  • George W. Tape and Miss Catherine Spherse
  • Joshua T. Lively and Miss Mary Clark
  • George W. Tindal and Miss Louisa L. Darwin
  • Asaph Darwin and Miss Louisa P. Beck
  • Wm. Smith and Miss Cermile Kirk
  • Burl R. McClinton and Miss Sarah A Allen
  • Milton McCaughan and Miss Jane N. Hughes
  • Henry Tabing and Miss Ellen Dawson
  • George W. Smith and Miss Lucinda J. Bradley
  • Christian Kimber and Miss R. Gohitmann
  • E. S. Brown and Miss Sophia N (sic) Crozier
  • Jacob Knapp and Miss Ann Herchback
  • John Parks and Mrs. Sarah E. Prine
  • Wm. M. Brown and Miss Martha D. Livingston
  • Henry Lortz and Miss Elvira Pape
  • Wm. Bennett and Miss Jane Irwin

Weekly Randolph County Democrat, Saturday May 11, 1861

Married:–At the Mansion House, in Sparta, on the evening of the 8th inst., by Rev. J. F. Stewart, Mr. John N. Clark, of Grand Cote Prairie, and Miss Ann Brown, of

Weekly Randolph County Democrat, Saturday Dec 14, 1861

Married:–in this city on Monday the 16th inst., by R. B. Servant, Esq., Mr. Henry Manter and Miss May L. Verdy.

–By the same in this city on Friday the 20th inst., Mr. Thomas Labrier and Miss Eliza Campbell.

Weekly Randolph County Democrat, Saturday April 30, 1864

Married:–On the 21st inst., at the residence of the bride, near Preston, by Rev. J. W. Glen, Mr. A. Ray and Mrs. Mary Wiley, both of this county.

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