Randolph County Genealogy Queries

While you could place your comments on most any internal page on this website I have created this page specifically for genealogical queries, especially if there isn’t a good location for you elsewhere on the site. Simply add your query to the bottom of the page under “comments.” All old queries are presently being culled for valid email addresses, and those with valid addresses are being encouraged to re-post using this new format.


  1. kimrosenthal

    Hi, further research revealed a man named D.. W.H. buried in Garrison Hill Cemetery with no dates. My GGGgrandfather’s name was William Henry Dildine, so this entry is interesting. I will be passing through the area in early April and I would like to take a photo of the headstone if I can find it. I have searched for a cemetery map with no luck, any suggestions?

  2. Jim Kayser

    I am searching for any info (cemeteries, etc) on my ancestor James Clark. He was born in the state of Louisiana in 1810. He married Mary C Morrison (daughter of trader Wm Morrison) in Kaskaskia in 1834. Census records have him and his family in Township 6 S Range 8 W in Randolph county. Any info is appreciated.

  3. Kevin Fichter

    Looking for connection between Wm. Misselhorn and Maries river bridge, plus anything Misselhorn or Walhmann

  4. cherie

    I have some vital statistics on my ancestors but am looking to flesh them out. Henry Rabe, Hainrich Pump, Conrad Huebner, and Fredrich Hanebutt. All from around Randolph County. All born in early 1800’s and living in Randolph county from mid 1800’s to early 1900’s. Any family out there?

  5. Chuck Bono

    Charles Timothy Boneau (or Bonneau or Bono) was bourn about 1822 in Illinois. In 1865 he was in Prairie du Rocher. In 1880 he was in the Ruma, Randolph County census. Married to Sophie Virginie Barbeau, 12 children including my great grandfather Benjamin born 1850. I could not find him in the 1870 census.

    When/where did he die?

  6. Brian Mahan

    Anyone know where Reuben Lacey is buried. Likely he was born in PA in the 1750s; is brother of Col. Edward Lacey (Jr.) who was a famous militia commander in SC during the Rev War. Reuben came to Randolph County in the early 1800s. I know where his likely homeplace was, but not the cemetery in which he was buried. He died in 1820. HIs daughter, Rachel married John Mahan in 1813. See my paper about Reuben Lacey during the Rev War in The Saga — Vol. 42, #1 (Spring 2015), pages 41-46.

  7. Brian Mahan

    Am looking for info about John Mahan (born 1781 in Tennessee [before it was a state] according to 1850 Federal census). Earliest records I have of him in Randolph County are his militia service, his buying something at an estate sale, and his marriage to Rachel Lacey . . . all in 1813. I have a lot of information about him post that year, but nothing beforehand. Thank you.

  8. Brian Mahan

    Anyone out the researching the Leard family (also spelled Lard and Laird in early records)? I have been trying to figure out this family’s many Samuel’s, Margaret’s, and others for a couple of decades. Very confusing. See my paper in The Saga — Vol. 24, #3 (Fall 1997), pages 3-6 for background. Thanks.

  9. Kevin Foster

    I’ve been trying to find the relationship between Samuel McClinton Foster and Albert Woodsides Foster. They should be Father and son. According to his Randolph Co death certificate, Samuel was born 9/20/1858. Albert’s certificate lists his birth on 9/17/1872 in Murphysboro, Franklin Co. IL. That would make Samuel a father at 14 yrs old. Albert’s parents are listed as Samuel and Martha (Johnson), Samuel and Martha were Married 3/21/1865. I’m wondering if Albert was the son of another family member taken in or adopted by Samuel and Martha. Is there any way you could shed some light on this?

  10. KIm

    I can’t seem to find the location of “Village Cemetery” in Brewerville, Randolph County, IL. That’s how it’s named on my GGGgrandfather’s burial record. Could this be “Percy Village” cemetery? Or is there another cemetery near Brewerville?
    He died in 1874.

  11. Rita Beck

    I am searching for John Baptiste Birk, born in Ste Genevieve Co 1798. I think he may have relocated to Randolph county Il. His father was John Birk and his mother was Rachel Prior.


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