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Part of the U.S. Federal Censuses from 1850-1880 included a mortality schedule enumerating the individuals who had died in the previous year. Because each of the censuses from 1850-1880 began on June 1, “previous year” refers to the 12 months preceding June 1, or June 1 (of the previous year) to May 31 (of the census year).

This table contains an index to individuals enumerated on page 4 of the 1850 Randolph County IL Mortality schedule1. In addition, the census image on which they appear is included at the bottom of the page. Not all information that is recorded on the actual census is included in our index. Therefore, it is important that you view the image on which your ancestor is recorded to obtain all possible information about him/her. If you have any correction to make to our index, especially with names, please add a comment at the end of this page.

LineSurnameGivenMiddleAgeSexMonth diedDiseaseDays IllRace
3KellyBridget35FJulyChild Birth8
4DowlanMary70FSeptemberOld Age
5SimpsonBarulisa8 moFSeptemberUnknown7
6SimpsonMartha22FMayChild Birth15
7BrewerJohn80MFebruaryOld Age
8LouisMaryL9FJulyCholera6 hours
9HenryWilliamJr27MOctoberInflammation of Lungs7
10LeeMary1 1/2FAugustInflammation of Brain1
11JassieneMaryL2 moFJuneHives6
14LouvierTheresa20FJulyCholera6 hours
15DeroussaPhilistine1 yr 9 moFJulyWorms15
19LouvierFelix7 moMJulyCholera3 hours
21LassourLouis39MAprilPleurisy3 weeks
22WintersWilliamK38MFebruaryWinter Fever15
23LouvierConstance40FFebruaryChild Birth6
24HesseM48MFebruaryWinter Fever8
25DerousseLouis21MAugustFever2 months
26DerousseFelicite26FJulyChild Birth3
27DerousseCharlesA1 yr 5 moMDecemberChronic6 months
28DerousseModeste47FFebruaryWinter Fever7
32RoderieTheofile1MAugustDysentery8 weeks
33RoderieJosephine5FJuneWinter Fever11
34O'NealJohn40MJuneFall from Horse8
1850 Randolph County Mortality Schedule p. 136

1850 Randolph County Mortality Schedule p. 136

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